Ordina cibo online through online applications and having the meals brought to one’s home is becoming a popular way of consuming restaurant food these days. Around the globe, there are many examples of such delivery apps that carry warm meals to their customers in a safe, quick, and efficient manner.

Let’s look at a few examples of such applications :

1) Smood :
Heading over to the beautiful country of Switzerland, we have the example of Smood. Smood has been running its food delivery services since the year 2019 and provides food delivery across major cities like Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Nyon, and various other major locations throughout the country. The land of cheese and chocolates has been using Smood for their home delivery needs, be it from restaurants or negozio di alimentari online like Migros, the country’s largest supermarket chain.
Yes, Smood partners with Migros and also provides delivery of groceries to the homes of their customers. The quick and efficient services of Smood have made it a popular choice among many.

2) Uber Eats
Available for delivery in over 1000 cities all over the world, Uber Eats is one of the more widely available examples of an online food delivery service. Launched by Uber in the year 2014, it has proceeded to become a well-recognized name in the hotel industry.
Available in over 30 countries from South America to Australia, UberEats offers delivery service to millions daily. The pandemic saw a rise in the demand for online food delivery and UberEats in particular saw a 30% rise in their demand.

3) Swiggy
India’s largest online food delivery platform, Swiggy is based in the city of Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka. It delivers food across the country and has become the name synonymous with food delivery in India.
Catering to a country with a population of over a billion, Swiggy’s rise and efficiency in service has been nothing short of impressive. Valued at around $5 billion today, Swiggy is a key name that looks like it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

4) FoodPanda
With its headquarters based in the city of Berlin, Germany; FoodPanda started in 2012 and has been operational in over 41 countries. Few names can rival FoodPanda when it comes to its sheer spread around the globe and its accessibility to various restaurants around the globe in various cities is almost unmatched.
Spreading across the continent of Asia, FoodPanda’s main market focuses upon Southeast Asian countries today and is a popular option in that region.

Food delivery services have been a lifeline, especially during the pandemic and such applications are a perfect example of successful ideas that make the world better. Throughout the globe, there are many more names that carry goods to the doorstep of the customers who ordina da asporto and we for sure are grateful that such services exist.