French heritage is something that is cherished for years now. Not only the monuments, but the French cuisines have also made quite a name worldwide. Some of the French cuisines have become the must-have food items of people all around the globe today.

Some of the French cuisine types are mentioned below.


Custard and cream when filled into the pastry balls give profiteroles. This dessert type can be paired with chocolate, ice cream, or even the whipped cream.

Foie Gras

Duck or geese foie gras is a dish that you will not like to miss, when in any French restaurant. The liver of either duck or geese will surely make your taste buds go crazy with the explosion of many tastes in your mouth after you take a bite of foie gras.

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Floating Island

English cream and egg whites when put together give you the floating island. This dish is served cold as the cold dish will help you enjoy every hidden flavor to the fullest.

Beef Fondue

The best way to cook the pieces of raw meat is by boiling them in hot oil. Unlike the term fondue, you will not be dipping the beef pieces into a cheese dip.


The most common item in the Christmas and New Year’s Eve dishes is the oyster. Oysters are the kind of food that many people love eating either raw or alive or cooked.


Basically from the Savoy region, this bacon and potato dish is savored with bacon and reblochon dipped in a Savoyard cheese. Sometimes, the chefs prepare this dish with buckwheat noodles instead of potatoes.


Croissant is a dish of Viennese origin. The popularity of this dish made it necessary for the chefs to revisit the recipe and come up with a French dish called croissant.

French Bread

Also known as baguette, this food item is also considered as the symbol of French cuisine. It was in great demand in the previous years, but it became the most preferred dish in the 20th century. Nowadays, the chef can easily prepare this bread to go with many food items.

Cheese Soufflé

Also known as soufflé au Fromage, this is a 100% vegetarian dish, without any ounce of meat in it. The best way of cooking it is by preheating the oven at the right temperature and cooking it for the right minutes.

Many such French dishes have made quite a name around the globe. Know about all and enjoy savoring them to the fullest, when in a restaurant serving French dishes.