Seeking out and cooking international cuisines is one of the most exciting and delicious experiences. It is a gateway into other cultures and history, opening our tastebuds up to flavours and foods that we might otherwise never have considered. It is so widely enjoyed, in fact, that many popular shows and cookbooks continue to celebrate the unappreciated and lesser-known international cuisines. Celebrities such as Anthony Bourdain and David Chang made a name for themselves by showcasing exactly this.

Now, as lockdowns around the world end and travel options return, many are excited to begin being able to experience international cuisines once more, whether at their local restaurant or by travelling abroad. There are already trends indicating which cuisines and specific dishes are on the popular menu too, which we have put together for our readers’ inspiration. Here are the most exciting foods to try in 2021!

Jollof Rice 

West African food is one of the most vibrant and flavourful cuisines on the planet. And, yet, despite its immense colour and exceptional spice, it remains relatively unknown outside of a few countries. Of all the dishes West Africa has to offer, the one that stirs the most local pride is certain to be jollof rice.

This hot rice is created with a tomato and pepper, typically scotch bonnet, sauce, giving it a deep and memorable spice. While its exact recipe might differ in various areas, and distinctly between Nigeria and Ghana, it is always served with pride. Thankfully, for those living outside of West Africa, the dish is becoming more readily available. Jollof rice by Varofoods can be found in many supermarkets and even ordered online!


Traditionally a Chinese breakfast serving, these egg-based wraps are one of the most popular street food items in China. Despite their ubiquity inland, however, they have yet to take off in the same way elsewhere. This is beginning to finally change and, for those lucky enough to live near a Chinese city district, you are increasingly likely to stumble across these exciting wraps.

When you do arrive at a vendor, you’ll often see a host of potential ingredients. Many foods can be placed inside a jianbing, from meats like ham and chicken to vegan options like tofu and pickles. Plus, they are always cooked fresh, so you know that, when you order, you’ll be getting a totally delicious and hot serving! 

Chicago-Style Pizza 

Brands like Chicago Town have likely given you the wrong impression of what Chicago-style pizza truly is. For some, it is the finest way to experience a pizza. The style does away with the often overly-doughy base of its competitors and styles the toppings into a deep, cheesy filling that almost resembles a pie.

Since the crust is baked in a pan, the edges rise, giving the centre much more capacity for sauce, pepperoni, and, of course, cheeses. These toppings are typically stacked upside down, placing the cheese and other ingredients, such as onions and mushrooms, beneath a rich tomato sauce.

Much like the aforementioned dishes, while the residents of Chicago are immensely proud of their creation, it is lesser-known outside of city limits. However, this year, this seems likely to change.