More than 100 years ago the first espresso was introduced and since then the coffee technology has evolved a lot. Coffee lovers adore the intense flavor, the caffeine kick, and the crema of a perfect espresso shot. Pure bliss!

With Google yielding hundreds of coffee bean options that has overwhelmed even the professional coffee makers. Keto, bold, fruity, fair trade, etc. are terms buyers read on the label that guarantees the ethical source, as well as a great taste. To make a pure bliss espresso, you need to buy the correct beans. Even the most advanced espresso makers will never fix the taste of bad beans.

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How are espresso beans unique?

The majority of cafes make use of special blends to prepare espresso due to several reasons.

  • Espresso beans are roasted darker than the ones used in other coffee brewing styles [white coffee, pour-over coffee, cold brew coffee, etc.].
  • The dark roasted beans have a shiny and oily texture, which the lightly roasted beans don’t.
  • Emulsification of natural oils with other compounds helps to produce the popular espresso crema.
  • Dark coffees blend well with milk, so used in preparing lattes, cappuccino, etc. Dark roast helps to cut the milk creaminess.
  • Single-origin coffee beans are costly, so busy café use espresso blend.

Espresso is a coffee-making style and will need a special espresso machine and dark roasted coffee beans.

Which coffee beans make the best espresso?

Traditionally espresso blends were roasted extremely dark that tasted like ash and char. For years, people assumed that the harsh bitterness of espresso is because of its caffeine level. Today, espresso fans are experimenting with floral and fruity to spice and pine aromas. It means you don’t need to settle with the bitter espresso flavor. So, how will you enjoy a bitter-less espresso coffee?

Coffee is available in multiple varieties. You may prefer coffee from a specific region or country or opt for a coffee type. For example, apples are available in different varieties like the juicy Honeycrisp or the granny smith. To make great pies you need a specific kind of apples. The fact is that apple’s chemical composition plays a huge role. In the same way, certain coffee holds more sugar that makes their taste and brews different.

How fresh must the beans be?

Freshly roasted beans are the best but you can use beans within 7 to 21 days after roasting to enjoy the rich crema. It is the creamy top layer made of CO2 microbubbles due to the brewing process. Crema offers the espresso shot a delightful deep flavor. The espresso will taste like strong black coffee without cream.

When the roasted coffee ages the CO2 is lost and less crema is produced. Therefore, check the label before buying the roasted coffee beans and use them fresh!